The USA Unites Working Committee (pictured above) met in April 2019 to create a vision and strategy for an emerging USA Unites movement. U.S. tensions along racial, religious, and political lines are setting a scary precedent for future generations, and we believe that this is the prime season to begin engaging. Much more to come soon!

Join a Club

USA Unites is seeking to launch youth-clubs for high school and college students throughout the nation. The USA Unites Working Committee has developed a curriculum on the topic of Conflict Transformation for the U.S. context. If you would like to start a club in your community using our curriculum, then please let us know by completing the USA Unites Club Application below. 
Our team has created a 10-week curriculum on Conflict Transformation. If you would like to access it, then please contact us. If you have received access and the curriculum password, then click below to begin!

You can donate to the international work of USA Unites via our online donation option. If you prefer to send us a check, then simply indicate your donation purpose on the memo line.

Online Donation

Donate online in less than 1 minute. If this is your first time giving online, then you will be asked to create an account with our giving account partner Subsplash. Once you sign up, then you will be able to view and manage your donations online. If you have any questions about this process, then click here for more information from our partner Subsplash.

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Please make checks payable to Global Unites and mail to:

Global Unites
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Your financial support is critical to fund our work in the United States. Thank you!